This is the story of girl meets boy… and Boy kills girl but only on gaming night.

This is the story of girl meets boy… and Boy kills girl but only on gaming night.



The Hammer Isn’t my Fist… It’s my penis

The story of this t-shirt…

I was Captain Hammer for Halloween.  But I hadn’t really wore the shirt since then until today. My speech teacher was the first to comment of it. Turns out she is writing her graduate paper on Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. Over the course of the day, I saw many people smile as they glanced upon my chest. The weirdest occurance all day took place as  I was sitting outside my British Lit class and a guy walk by rather quickly. A few minutes later, he came back and stood in front of me ( I was looking at my phone) and just pointed at my chest until I acknowledged him. I might of felt offended if I had anything of significance under my shirt.

“Yes?” I asked him.

“Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog.” He stated as a-matter-of-fact.

Then he went on to mumble something about nicest evil-villain and douchiest super-hero as he kept pointing at my chest. I nodded and he just walked away. The girl next to me turned to me and whispered, “Well that wasn’t awkward at all.”

Strange world we live in.


Still Alive and at the Orchestra

Some times video game music gets stuck in my head after I watch James play video games. “Still Alive” by Johnathan Coulton is just one example. This is a great version.




I’ll party with the Ninja Turtles Any Time

Seems Legit.


As The Holidays Approach

Happy Holidays dear friends!


Gift Ideas?

If my boyfriend didn’t already have this game… oh boy. Now my question is did they buy to games or just cut the one in half… but since it is still shrink wrapped and I am pretty sure they didn’t want to ruin a game they bought too… Damn it why do I have to be logical?


Fight Dragons, Rock Out

Last night James and I, with some friends, went to an I Fight Dragons concert. They are amazing with their 8-bit sounds, DDR mat, Black-light marching band swag, and last but most definitely best, their finally of the Zelda theme song complete with guitars.  The video for this song is almost done ( they say) and will feature the guys killing hipster zombies with NES controllersNew CD


Satisfaction for Nerds

Just a thought.